Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NSW Championships Update

Going into the 7th round, Sydney player Andrew Bird holds a slim half point lead from Greg Canfell and Max Fuller. Bird will now face the winner of last year's U2000 division, Alex Mendes da Costa. Even at this level, preparation will be an important factor. I think that saddled by his poor time management and faced with Bird's formidable talent, da Costa will suffer his third loss for the tournament.

On another matter, it is not clear if the NSWCA will actually still pay out the advertised prize fund. While I acknowledge this condition, "prize fund based on 75 entries" (they attracted only 44 entries), it is absolutely a disgrace that this cash-rich Council will effectively undercut the winners. We are here talking about the state's premier event! Let's treat the prizes as such. As a matter of fact, there's a chance that the TD will end up richer! His daily rate, over nine rounds, is $100.

What will the NSWCA do?


Anonymous said...

TD is always the best job. He basically does nothing, just sit and look like an idiot. At the end of the year he get $100!

Anonymous said...

Love the punctuation of the previous poster :)

A good TD makes a good tournament. They are able to enforce the rules without being overbearing or condescending, their nature and presence creates a healthy atmosphere, and they earn the respect of the players through their knowledge and demeanour.

Undoubtedly some are inferior: the arbiter initially sought to fill the role for the NSW State Champs had a higher asking price, despite not meeting a majority of the above criteria.

However when you reflect on good tournaments, it goes beyond your score: you reflect on your overall experience of the event - and a good arbiter is a conspirator in this regard.

Anonymous said...

poor time management? phooey