Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oceania Zonal Heads for NZ

I've just stepped out of the Oceania Zone meeting and I can let slip this unofficial news that the next Oceania Zonal tournament is likely to be held in Rotorua, New Zealand. That will take place in 2011. The critical missing piece now is funding. No dates have been set.

The meeting which is currently under way and attended by FIDE general secretary Ignatius Leong and hosted by the zone president Garry Bekker isn't quite as dull as I've been led to believe. There were plenty of genuine discussions around the status quo of chess and its future in the various member states. From my perspective, it seemed to be a mixed bag.

More on that meeting in a later post.


Anonymous said...

Are there any dates for the zonal?

Shan-ul-Hai said...

Is it possible to suggest that the tournament be scheduled during a period when all of the schools/unis are on holiday? Maybe the Easter holiday? I know that our medical school doesn't have the usual month-long winter holiday... I know that nobody will reschedule anything just for me, but I've heard that Zong-Yuan Zhou will also be going to medical school at Sydney Uni next year. Maybe he's important enough to get an entire event planned around his schedule?