Sunday, September 28, 2008

Planning for Queenstown

Edwin Wai's promotional write up of the Queenstown Classic for Chessbase is a timely reminder. If you've not began looking at flights or accomodation, then now's probably the best time. I don't know about you but I like to get in quick.

For instance, I just spotted a Sydney - Melbourne - Christchurch flight for $105 (fare only), then a return flight from Christchurch direct to Sydney for $75 (again, only for the fare). With taxes included, total cost is about $394.

Of course, this routing means that I would then have to haul myself from Christchurch to Queenstown and back again. No problem. I found a cheapie Christchurch - Queenstown return ticket for a grand total of $118 NZD (about $100 AUD)!

But why fly to Christchurch? Because flying direct to Queenstown is a budget killer. Nearly a thousand dollars. That's almost like flying to a foreign country! There are additional costs, of course, by routing to Christchurch, like for the overnighter, but all up I figure that I'm still saving a good couple of hundred bucks. And I'd rather spend that in the Speight's Ale House.

If budget's really tight and you just have to go to Queenstown - and let me tell you, I was there the last time, it's unmissable - then just avoid any other big event before then. Save your dough.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amiel

Thanks for the Queenstown plug! The entries are coming in now with around 15 GM's (inc. Women GM's) so far entered plus numerous IM's including that amazing legend, IM Bob Wade.
Paul Spiller
Chief Organizer Queenstown