Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Era for Aussie Juniors

In a joint statement, to be published later in the Australian Chess Federation's email newsletter, junior chess organiser Jenni Oliver and ex ACF head Denis Jessop announced that the new body AusJCL has been formally approved as "an Associated Body representing junior chess at the national level and for authority to administer junior chess on behalf of the ACF." Both these aspects will take effect on 1 November, 2008.

Here I quote just a couple of tidbits.

By Denis Jessop:

The basis of the junior chess league concept, which has already been successful in some States and Territories, is that junior chess administration has some aspects that differ markedly from open chess. Moreover, junior chess leagues attract many administrators who would not otherwise be involved. I see it as an undoubted benefit for Australian chess generally for there to be a successful Australian junior chess league. It will benefit junior chess by the presence of experts in that field. It will benefit the ACF as its officers will be able to devote more time to administration of chess generally.

And from Jenni Oliver:

This is an exciting concept and will need the ideas and support of all of those with an interest in Junior chess.

It is not meant to supplant the valuable work being done by State organizations, but to bring order and cohesion to what is happening at the national level with the long term aim of growing participation at the grass roots level as well as increasing the number of elite players. It will also work to improve the migration paths from junior to adult chess.

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