Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Topalov in Mexico?

A Bulgarian delegation is set to crash the FIDE party in Mexico later this year. Insisting that their boy, Veselin Topalov, should be a participant in the Mexico World Chess Championships - Bulgarian Chess Fed boss Stefan Sergiev (who is ever so careful to tell us that he sports a PhD) wrote in to FIDE last week, near huffing and puffing:

Any argumentation for the non-admission of V. Topalov is deprived of any logic. The second, the third and the forth players from St. Louis will play there but the first one will not! The second in the world ranking list, the chess-player who won 7 super-tournaments during the last 2 years will not be allowed to play there! Why? Only because FIDE has changed its system in the meantime?! is reporting that Mr Sergiev's proposal has since been acknowledged by FIDE who will now consider the matter during their Presidential Board meeting slated for later this month. My bet is that Topalov, after all his Federation's whining, will end up making an appearance in the Mexico event. Then the rest of the participants, or at least a good handful of them, will make counter protests, followed by a Bulgarian response and so on and so on.

Well, let's hope not!


Anonymous said...

Hello TCG,

Ff you go over Kramnik's interviews (the transcripts) over at ChessBase you will see that Kramnik and Topalov signed an agreement that the loser of their match would be out off the cycle and not go to Mexico.

Unfortunately Kramnik is wavering by saying he doesn't really care if Topalov is at Mexico as he (Kramnik) intends to win.

However I am reminded of General Patton's ( I think ?) saying "Why fight over the same soil twice?"

As such, Kramnik's approach ought to be that, similarly, he has seen Topalov off for this cycle and should not be wasting his time dealing with him again; especially not after the bathroom farce.

Quite frankly Topalov and his federation should be told to shut up.

If the FIDE presidential board does cave in to this latest ploy by the Bulgarian Chess Federation then I would like Vasily Ivanchuk to be invited too to make it 10 players given his recent performance at the Capablanca Memorial in Havana.


Me :)

Anonymous said...

Radjabov and Mmaedyarov would make an even dozen.