Monday, June 11, 2007

NSW Open Results (Preliminary)

These are only preliminary so far, coming in via SMS, but we've just been advised of the top finishers. It looks like Antic has won the NSW Open.

6.0 - Antic
5.5 - Rogers, Toth
5.0 - Bolens, Bjelobrk, Wright


Anonymous said...

Did Antic play Rogers?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I've no idea. Those figures were sent to me by text. I need to confirm for certain or wait til someone posts final results on Chess Chat.


Anonymous said...

If those final results are correct then Ian must have drawn with Andras in the last round. Ian had had 2 draws - a surprise draw against Jason Hu earlier on and a draw against Antic.

From what I was told Ian was doing well and up a pawn, but then lost it and was going to go down another, but Dejan offered him a draw and Ian took it.


ChessGenie said...

RootyHillChess may be a little known chess club but on our site we published and archived infortant chess events international or local. You'll find the final tabulated results of NSW Open (and viewable games of World Championship Candidate Matches too). You'll find these at