Monday, April 11, 2011

Thai Chess Open

Another serious aftershock hit Tokyo this afternoon - a 7.1 on the richter scale - which was quickly followed by a series of smaller tremors nearly every 5 minutes. Quite an incredibly unpleasant experience.

Which sort of makes me think: I should have headed off to Thailand!

Consisting of a main and a challengers tournament, this year's Thai Chess Open is host to some 200 players from 40 countries and ahead of them are no less than Spain's super-GM Francesco Vallejo Pons and Englishman GM Nigel Short.

But also in attendance are Australians IM West, FMs Illingworth and Reilly, Matt Drummond, IM James Morris, James Attwood, Sean Watharow and Peter Frost.

Should be a good one to watch. Live games here.


Anonymous said...

and Ari Dale

Anonymous said...

I think you'll want to add a facebook button to your website. I just marked down the url, although I must do this manually. Simply my 2 cents.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

It's been there for weeks. See on my right side bar.

Or are we talking about something else?