Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Damn You Harry!

I had almost forgotten about, one of the most popular chess sites on the net (even more popular than, according to Compete) and certainly a site that's full of entertainment. Like this blast from the past by none other than Australia's Chris Depasquale.

There is a classic scene in the movie Caddyshack where Chevy Chase knocks on a door, and unexpectedly finds it answered by a voluptuous young lady wrapped only in a towel. Without missing a beat, Chevy says, "My car just hit a water-buffalo. Can I borrow your towel?" Ever since seeing that, I have been prepared for the moment a beautiful young lady asks me what I write.

"At the moment I am working on a telephone directory," I told Sally without pausing, "and it would help me if you were to give me your address and telephone number." Sally giggled, and we got talking. When Sally found out I coached chess, she insisted on signing up for a course. Not wanting to miss out on the chance to spend time in the presence of this goddess every week, I made her sign a contract then and there.

You're just gonna have to find out what he was talking about. Read on in When Sally Met Harry (A Love Story).

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Shaun Press said...

The line is not from Caddyshack, but from Fletch