Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RIP Serge Rubanraut

Just heard the bad news from Sydney. One-time Australian national chess champion (1976), Serge Rubanraut, passed away peacefully last Sunday from a heart attack.

I just spoke to Francisco Plaza not more than 10 minutes ago and I understand that the funeral will be held this Friday, though it´s not confirmed exactly what time. For those who wish to attend the memorial, please contact Carey Cowling on 0424-462-910.

On a personal note, I knew Serge mostly from meeting him in Hyde Park and, latterly, spending time with him and the boys in Town Hall as well as the Spanish Club on Friday nights. He was a good man, always willing to share his chess knowledge with us mere patzers. Even after all these years, and long away from the cutthroat of competition, Serge still had the moves.

I have a couple of posts on Serge which you´ll read here. So long Serge.

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Anonymous said...

No blog entries in a week? What happened?

I suggest the following as possible topics for future blog entries:

"World Youth Chess Championships start today"

"Australia at the 1st World Mind Sports Games"

"Madonna and Guy Ritchie split"

"The Wall Street Crash"

"Gabriella Cilmi wins 6 ARIAs"

"Greg Canfell wins 7th NSW Championships"

"Victorian Championships started"

"Anand takes the lead in Bonn"

"ICC & Premoving"

"Premature Resignations" (Korchnoi-Van der Stricht, 2004)

Good luck with your blog, Amiel!