Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Afterwork Chess

The other day I caught up with an old mate of mine - Nick Kordahi. I was on my way home and he, apparently, on his way to play chess. I asked where and he replied, "Just around the corner".

At first I didn't believe him. So I followed and sure enough, there in the food hall, next to Town Hall train station and just under St Andrews Cathedral is Sydney's newest chess hang-out.

All comfy and clean, away from the elements, the place is ideal. Hopefully this venue will actally survive unlike the old one over at Galleries Victoria. Of course, this can only happen if the dirty and foul mouthed crowd stay away.

Here's a picture I took yesterday.


Bradley Loh said...

Oh no! Please don't tempt me to make a return. Is it on every day? Usual deal with own equipment?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

So far, they've been there everyday. But only those you see in the pic plus "Alfred". And I think Nick goes there from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Are they there all day?