Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kirsan Speaks to the People

The NY Times' chess blog, Gambit, is featuring a 3-part interview with FIDE supremo, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. What makes the questions interesting is that they came courtesy of the paper's readers. Today's first set of questions has the following from Kirsan:

The results of the election speak volumes about who has the sympathies of the chess world at the moment. At the same time I’m always open to collaboration. Immediately after my victory in the elections I had constructive talks with representatives of the United States and Spanish Chess Federations. And President [Robert von] Weizsäcker of the German Chess Federation became a member of FIDE’s executive committee. There is no antagonism between us. But we do share a goal –- the development of chess around the world. There may be differences in our approaches, but the aim is the same. We all love chess and are ready to go to great lengths for its development.

But what I can't really wait for is an apparent remark from Kirsan that chess was invented by aliens.

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