Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catholic Chess Kids Rule

What's going on here? Is the NSW Junior League only for private Christian schools? I see only mention of private schools. Whatever. Being a Catholic myself, I'm going for the Catholic schools. It's only proper.

From the Macarthur Chronicle:

The NSW Junior Chess League primary schools one-day tournaments began in the Macarthur region in 1981. The competition now features 33 district tournaments held across the state.

A total of 66 three-player teams from 13 schools competed in the league’s 2010 Macarthur district tournament, with 12 more teams and one more school than last year fielding nearly 200 players.

Players from St Peter’s Anglican Primary School, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School and St Andrews, Narellan, Campbellfield, Narellan Vale, Ruse and Currans Hill public schools also put their strategic skills to the test in the hotly contested event.

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Shaun Press said...

In Canberra it is almost always the opposite. In fact a lot of private schools who use images of kids playing chess to advertise themselves as some sort of intellectual powerhouse don't even enter teams in the ACT inter-school competitions. I guess it is easier to look smart than actually try and prove it!