Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lessons From Chess

As we head out today for the 2009 Sydney International Open, I thought it rather nice to remind ourselves of the important things in life. But here, I depend on the words of ex World Champion GM Garry Kasparov. At the recent SuperNationals, in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States - Kasparov told his mostly young audience:

For most of my life, my life was chess. That will not be the case for most in this room. What is important is to take chess, and what chess teaches you, everywhere for the rest of your life. The enjoyment, the concentration, the work ethic, the pride, the friendship - all are more important than rating points or the ability to find a mate in four. But for a few, chess is like a native language, as beautiful as any music, as any work of art. And maybe it will become as special to you as it was, and is, to me.

That quote is courtesy of GM Lubomir Kavalek's chess column in WaPo (registration may be required, but it is gratis). The former world number one also happened to celebrate his 46th birthday last Monday, 13 April. Happy belated birthday GM Kasparov.

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