Sunday, March 15, 2009

Banned for Not Playing

One could be ban for cheating, doping or something, but now the All India Chess Federation has come up with something else! ChessDom reported recently that the Indian body has banned one of its players, G.N. Gopal, not for anyone of the "normal" reasons but, wait for this, not playing!

Gopal's family is understandably in shock.


Anonymous said...

The link does not give the full story but the matter may not be as odd as it may seem. First, players have been banned here in the past for unauthorised withdrawals from events which is but a step away from refusing to play depending on the facts of the case. Secondly, the ACF has a kind of non-playing ban in its requirement for persons seeking selection in the Olympiad teams to fulfil a specified activity criterion and this is generally regarded as a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Interesting story.

CG, the GM Shulman Interview is up at

I trust you are well.


Anonymous said...

Seems wrong to ban players for refusing to play in National Championships, so they can play in another event.

I do agree with "Jail time" for fide titled players that fail to play in any chess events (anywhere in the world) for period longer than 2 years !