Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NCFP: Please explain . . .

What has happened to that game fixing scandal in RP? Well, the NCFP's internal affairs committee (IAC) is now taking over from the fact-finding committee (FFC) in the body's investigation. The latest news we have is that the IAC has sent a "please explain" to those alleged to be involved in the scandal.

Meanwhile our blogger friend over at Philippine Chess has an exclusive interview with two of the accused game fixers, Ronald Dableo and Darwin Laylo. Dabelo himself makes an emphatic denial (partly in Tagalog):

Maaamoy sa ere? game fixing? Kahit kelan di ako nagbenta ng laro, di ko kailangan, chess is my profession. I have a coaching job in one of the universities in Manila, I have a PSC monthly allowance and of course am from the Philippine Air Force.

Among the trio is also local columnist Bobby Ang who makes this interesting observation:

You know what? Nobody in the media is really giving much attention to this except one contributor who does not, in anyway, qualify to be called a journalist.


DeNovoMeme said...

AR, what is the "truth".

Is there a ring or is it just a few dodgy game results that may have been arranged?

Is there really an old guard protecting its turf?

If so, name names.

Anonymous said...

they should clean the philippine chess if they really want to be back in real world of chess! its been a problem in chess society eversince but nobody pays much attention to it, those who will be caught cheating should be given a tough lesson! kawawa naman kasi yung mga lumalaban ng parehas di ba, kung sino pa kasi yung mga malalakas sila pa ang mahilig mag umpisa.