Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Grand Prix Tease

That master of promotion, Brian Jones, has been teasing the Australian chess public. If Mr Jones were a woman, he'd quite likely make the perfect pole dancer. He turns you on and leaves you wanting for more.

On the hot looking 2006 GP official site, Mr Jones announces: "23 November 2005 7.02pm - Sponsorship for 2006 Grand Prix found. Details to be announced soon". And a couple of days later added, "Here is a small clue to wet (sic) your appetite. The prizes for the 2006 Grand Prix will include some overseas air fares".

All good stuff. Now some folks are guessing it might be an airline. But I'm betting it's a condom company!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brian Jones is a prickteaser when it comes to GP sponsorship, isn't he? Which is very annoying. Brian, if you are reading this, just come out and say what the deal is and stop prickteasing Australian chess. The chess public has been stuffed around enough in recent years with the Grand Prix and the last thing we need is prickteasing.

None the less, Brian Jones seems to be the man to resurrect the GP, which has been on death's door for the last two years thanks to Amiel's mate Garvin Gray. Garvin, if you are reading this, when are you going to publish some Grand Prix results? I have played in a few Grand Prix comps this year and I think I may win a prize in my division but how do I know if I cannot see any results? Can anyone tell me where I can see some 2005 Grand Prix results so that I can see if I have a chance of winning a prize?