Monday, November 28, 2005

Empire Strikes Back

Continuing our special coverage of recent association AGMs, we have just been informed of some interesting developments down south. Never a boring bunch, Victorians produced their own little drama at their annual general meeting.

A loyal Victorian fan of yours truly writes in:

There was a moment of drama early in the meeting when the easy acceptance of Croydon to move from provisional affiliation to full affiliation was not mirrored in the next motion to affiliate the Dark Horse Club. Apparently one large south eastern Club was concerned that Dark Horse does not disclose an address for club activities. At first vote count, it seemed that the vote would be tied at 4-4 and a casting vote required. Oddly, none of the four were willing to speak against the motion, leaving all other delegates in the dark as to the issue of concern. Dark Horse’s credentials as a chess club were in evidence since they collected the A Grade Interclub trophy for 2005, whereas the nay-sayers did not even field a team in A Grade. This matter was resolved on the second count at 8 to 4.

Perhaps in an effort to avoid this controversy - Chess Victoria tightened its entry criteria for affiliation by Clubs. From next year onwards, only incorporated clubs will be able to have the status of fully affiliated. This means Geelong and Dark Horse will need to take action to become incorporated else they lapse back to provisionally affiliated.

More significantly, however, and in a move which seemed to have stunned the members present, the Chess Victoria president announced a proposal for the formation of a Chess Victoria Junior Chess Council to be headed by experienced chess organizer,
Gerrit Hartland.

My loyal fan again:

After the AGM, CV Executive members were handed a planning document covering Junior Council purposes, membership, procedures, voting entitlements, responsibilities, and standing agendas. One might be inclined to think that the Empire is striking back to tackle recent problems caused by competing commercial interests and missed opportunities.

Finally, Chess Victoria welcomes new faces: Garry Lycett and Grant Bultman. While Steve Frost was elected as auditor for the first time.

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Malejewicz said...

I wonder, whatever did happen to Grant Bultman? Seems to have plum disappeared.