Thursday, November 03, 2005

Between Dark and Dark

The latest Australian Chess Magazine is out. And in it are a couple of interesting items. The first that caught my eye was an ad for a book by David Lovejoy - "Between Dark and Dark".

I have not read this book but it sounds quite interesting. In the ad Lovejoy says:

You might know me. I'm the patzer halfway down the weekender losing to juniors. Or maybe I sent some of my rating points your way. But although I've never been at the top of the Australian tree I've had some great times playing chess over the years, and some of that is contained in my memoir Between Dark and Dark.

For a review, check out Drugs, fast cars and - gasp! - chess in the Echo. Please note that The Echo Newspaper is a paper founded by David Lovejoy.

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Jens said...

Quite a character it seems. Can you tell us more?