Sunday, September 04, 2005

Zonal Update

After three rounds, two players are on perfect scores - Indonesian numero uno, GM Utut Adianto and the Philippines', GM Mark Paragua. They face each other in round 4.

One story of the tournament so far was Anya Corke's decision to play in the men's event instead of the women's. Perhaps that was a bad idea since after 3 rounds, the WGM from Hong Kong has so far netted three ducks in a row. On the other hand, we can only appreciate her efforts and fighting spirit.

I notice that the Gilachess blog has just posted some new pictures. For full tables, click here.

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GilaChess said...

Anya's decision is not surprising if you take into account she played in the men's section during the Calvia Olympiad last year.

Today she plays a Malaysian - Francis Tan who is virtually unknown internationally but whom I feel will be someone to look out for in future.

His game vs Anya will be one I look forward to see afterwards besides the Utut vs Paragua game.

I'll be reporting the news on my blog and website within the hour. I'm leaving work to go the tournament hall in 10 minutes time. :)