Monday, August 04, 2014

Where Is Naka?

The Olympiad is already onto the third round but one big name is still missing. US board number one GM Hikaru Nakamura is nowhere in sight! As far as I can gather he is still in the US.

He explains the situation on his Facebook page, but this bit had me gagging on my sushi.

I simply do not understand why the organizers with a massive budget did not attempt to add a few extra flights so that A) the prices would be a bit cheaper even on original tickets and B) so that the availability would not be such an issue in the case of delays.

Perhaps it is not adequate to ask where he is. We might also wonder what planet he's bloody on!

There are many hundreds of players in Tromsø right now, some having travelled from pretty logistically-challenged corners of the planet. They made it. But not this guy, who really should have planned better.


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