Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magic of Wood

Thumbs up to the Brisbane Times!

Anyway, now we use the checkers set regularly and we’ve even starting to dabble in chess. I don’t think I’d ever opt to play on the iPad if the physical board was at hand. Why? Because I want my son to appreciate that not all games need to be high tech. They don’t all rely on batteries. It’s not that I’m a luddite, it’s just that sometimes it’s nice to get away from technology. The feel of the wooden pieces and the sound they make on the board is all part of the experience.

In "Will Tablets Kill Boardgames?"


HeinzK said...

Yes, it seems we can never run out of wonderful aspects of chess

RuralRob said...

Give it 10 more years - by then the iPad 7 will be out, with holographic 3D display with full tactile feedback. You'll actually feel the pieces floating above the surface and they'll make a satisfying wooden "thunk" as you slap them down. Bye bye wooden boards!

Anonymous said...

I can remember many years ago went me and a flatmate were crazy poor, in fact we had no power at all in the flat. but late into the night we were still having the time of our lives - playing blitz chess by the fire ( burning free driftwood from the beach )

real wooden set is magic.

Anonymous said...

Luxury Anonymous! I was young I had it so hard that I lived in a shoebox and had to throw some of the pieces in the fire for warmth. We then played crazy chess with painted snails.