Monday, January 04, 2010

Asian Tournaments in RP

GMA News in The Philippines is reporting that 2 big events will take place in the country later this year, starting with the $55,000 Asian Continental Individual men's and women's championships in April.

"Aside from juicy cash prizes totaling $40,000 for the men’s side and $15,000 for the women’s, the 2010 Asian Continental Individual Championships will stake four berths to the 2011 World Chess Cup scheduled in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia", says the news service.


Data-Success said...

Hey Closet Grandmaster,
Could you write a post someday that describes what it takes to become a great chess player? What advice would you give to someone at 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900, and 2100? How does one become successful in chess?

Thanks! :D

Peter Long said...

Unless I am mistaken, FIDE provides the Continental Championship prize fund and their good old FIDE Delegate Toti Abundo always remembers the Philippines from his Asian Chess Federation perch in Al Ain, UAE hence it being held there year after year!
ASEAN Age Groups is another matter as known as the way to make money from parents and participating kids by insisting they must stay and eat at official hotels and then overcharging. I sincerely hope this 10 year practice will come to an end even though there must have been a price to pay to get the event!

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken Peter Long, FIDE does not provide for the Continental Championship prize fund.

And Campo's crony Toti Abundo always remembers what is good, for himself.

We know this for a fact, as Philippine chess and Filipino talents stagnated for over 30 years under Campo and Abundo's so called leadership.

So give credit to the current leadership of Pichay, who in a short time had brought back a semblance of glory of Philippine chess, and reinvigorated the hopes and future of Filipino chess talents.

Peter Long said...

Hi Anonymous,
1. Toti told me FIDE provides the prize fund.
2. Campo will tell you there is no love lost between us and in fact I am a Pichay supporter but he is unfortunately surrounded by others not half as decent a person as he is.

Rolando said...

talk about lost / stagnating talents under their crony leadership! mac mac (paragua), caoili, barbosa, sadorra

if only pichay took over earlier, maybe we have not only wesley but a few 2600+ GM and also our first WGM (at least)

Anonymous said...

Abundo is an old friend of Peter Long, so its hard for him to be unbiased in his comments.