Friday, August 22, 2008

Championship? What Championship?

This evening, I found myself in the middle of an expletive-filled conversation with a well-known chess personality. And I assure you, dear readers, all the effing didn't pour forth from yours truly. I behave myself quite well to be honest. No, my interlocutor was solely guilty. But I don't blame him. The situation is understandably frustrating.

Here's a pop quiz: what "important" event is taking place in Sydney and which also just happens to feature a well-known IM?

Yes, yes - I can look in the usual places, but there are no updates there either! And oh, the cursing personality informs me that the IM beat a GM! If you want to see the game, I'm afraid we'll have to pray to for that.


weng siow said...

Yes, shocking news ain't it:
Thursday August 14th at Parramatta RSL
Round 2
Dejan Antic 0-1 George Xie"

But where are the games???

BTW, does anyone know where I can find collection of Australian chess games in pgn etc? Is anyone actually collecting them, Australia wide, and making them available on the Net?

Denis Jessop said...

Australian games are collected and archived by Paul Dunn, the ACF Archivist who maintains Ozbase. You can link to it from the ACF Web site Paul does a terrific job as a labour of love and currently has over 23,000 games on the database.

Denis Jessop

Denis Jessop said...

Correction - that should be 29,000 games


Anonymous said...

Wow! positively antiquarian and positively useless. I just checked out Ozbase. You can dig up some really, really old or obscure games there.

Denis Jessop said...


That's what the site is for - a history of Australian chess in games from the earliest to the latest. You can't expect one person to key in 200 years' worth of games overnight. Perhaps you could offer to help?

If you looked a bit harder you'd also find games from quite recent events such as the 2008 Australian Championship.


Anonymous said...

hey dude this slightly critical article of yours of the nswca reminded me of all those posts of last year from you and your readers that were very anti nswca...........what has changed this year? lets see now.......the only difference is that your mate parr is now a nswca official and so since parrs election you have deleted any anti nswca posts from your readers? or maybe a lot of those anti nswca posts in 2007 were not from your readers but from yourself? from where i sit chess is nsw is no better in 2008 than it was in 2007 so why are you noow so pro nswca?...........if anything chess in sydney is worse this year than last year as some long time tournaments have closed and some ches clubs are clinging to survival