Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ruth Coxhill Memorial

Just received an email from Graeme Gardiner about this tournament. It will run for nine Wednesdays from 23 July and finishing on 17 September. The lineup is as follows:

1. Froehlich, Peter
2. Ford, Daniel
3. Stawski, Nik V
4. Grigg, Sam
5. Jule, Sebastian
6. Muller, Jonas
7. Stahnke, Axel
8. Sarfati, Jonathan
9. Stahnke, Alexander
10. Nakauchi, Gene

Tournament organisers will use the Monroi system on three games during each evening of play and those will be broadcast live on the web. I don't have the link yet, but will likely be available from Graeme's website.

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