Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jonathan Humphrey in Politiken

Thanks to our anonymous poster for this info. Queensland's FM Jonathan Humphrey is currently playing in the Politiken Cup, in Copenhagen. He's doing alright with 5.5 from eight games. The last round was a draw against the 2482-rated IM Sabino Brunello from Italy.


Anonymous said...

Does FM Humphrey have any chances of an IM norm in the next two rounds?

Btw, Djurre den Heten has already made an IM-norm, and Felix Klein makes an IM-norm with a draw in round 9 and IM Oliver Kurmann makes a GM-norm with a draw in round 9.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan has only played 2 titled players, so even if his performance rating is enough (haven't checked, but I don't think so), he hasn't played the correct field.

Klein is doing extremely well though - he lost round 9, but still has norm chances.