Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zatonskih on Armageddon Controversy

So far, it's all been by Irina Krush about "that" final game. At last - we now have Anna Zatonskih's take on the whole thing.

Close to the end of the game Irina knocked her rook over and never put it back. The USCF rules say: "If, during the course of a move, a player inadvertently knocks over one or more pieces, that player must not press the clock until the position has been reestablished."

I remember my very fast thoughts at this point: If I will press ‘pause’ and claim win or extra-time based on illegal actions… I will lose on time! The “Pause” button is a very small one on the front of the clock. So I only had 2 seconds and I didn’t have a time to do it! I know Irina didn’t do it on purpose but I had to move my rook as fast as I could. I didn’t see any other choice for me.

Irina pointed out (in her Open Letter) that I started couple of my moves before she pressed her clock. I’ve always liked to watch on YouTube how strong chess players play blitz. I was amazed how they can make good decisions in just a fraction of a second. During those games players with a 2600-2800 ratings and even world champions occasionally moved before their opponents pressed the clock. This is a common thing in blitz games.

Read more of Anna Zatonskih's view about this and many more, including aspects of her family life, in this interview for Chess Life magazine with Tom Braunlich.

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