Monday, March 10, 2008

Philippines Considering Olympiad Bid

Manila '92 was the first and only time that the Chess Olympiad visited Philippine shores. However, Manny Benitez, in the latest issue of The Chess Plaza Weekender newsletter, reports that the NCFP's president Prospero Pichay Jr is "seriously considering" bidding for the event.

Benitez quotes Pichay as saying, "Hosting the World Chess Olympiad for the second time since the 1992 Manila Olympiad is one of the major undertakings of the NCFP under my administration". If such a bid from RP was successful, then a likely venue will be the Cebu International Convention Center. The CICC recently hosted the 6th Asian Individual Chess Championships that was held late last year.

Naturally an undertaking like this is going to be costly. The first hurdle is a $1 million bond!


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Des Catolos said...

oh great news! theres not much spectacular "sporting cup" events happening here since 1992.

bring the great minds here!