Sunday, March 02, 2008

Birdie Num Nums Cafe

The UK's Times paper spotted a little cafe in Melbourne that accommodates chess players.

From the city centre, head north towards Brunswick. If you’re up for breakfast, go as far as stop 21, where you will find the Birdie Num Nums cafe and bar (745 Nicholson Street), which has enough space to accommodate families, chess-players, small herds of slacker trendies and delighted tourists. There’s even a sandpit out back for the local ankle-biters.

Melbourne might be Australia's quirkiest city as far as The Times is concerned, but Sydney is still the best! We definitely agree with Simon Anholt.


Doctor Checkmate said...

A cafe that accomodates chess players? This is excellent. Can have your cake and eat it too at the same time. Just curious to know what the blazes is an ankle-biter, and why would one need a sandpit for it?

Andrew Quested said...

An ankle-biter is a small child. As for the Melbourne-Sydney rivalry... hmmm... I love both cities - couldn't go a year in my life without visiting both of them.