Monday, February 11, 2008

Rapids Galore

My old club, Canterbury, will host a rapid play tournament that will be held over the next three Mondays commencing tonight at 7.30PM. Venue will be the Lakemba Memorial Services club located at 26 Quigg St, in Lakemba. I must say that I didn't know anything about this event until I received the NSWCA's email, so thanks to them for the info, although it could have been sent a little earlier.

If you're going, try to turn up on time - that is, way before 7.30PM. We don't want to be there til late.

Speaking of rapids, my friend Leo Tenorio sent in some info about their club's next event this coming March 1. It will be the first leg in a new series of rapid events in Sydney, just perfect for those time-starved weekend warriors out there who have neither the time nor the inclination to surrender a whole weekend to chess. The problem is, anyone living above, say, Strathfield, could be easily forgiven for thinking that this whole event is really just for "Westies"!


Anonymous said...

Dear Amiel

The 2008 Sydney Rapid Grand Prix is open to everyone. The venues in the first year are out all west (Rooty Hill, Parramatta, Bonnyrigg) but this may change next year when other clubs jump onto the rapid bandwagon!

What about an event in Bankstown for 2009?

Brian Jones

Anonymous said...

I think this is the future for chess if we want to increase participation - remember the biggest competitor is the the internet (with no travel time)

Congratulations to the organisers.
(I hope to play in a few events)


Anonymous said...

i'll be playing in this event.

an event at st george or norths/manly would be great also!

Anonymous said...


For your info, last year in our two successful rapid tounaments organised by Rooty Hill Chess Club at Rooty Hill RSL, we have players came all the way from Gosford, Wollongong and oveseas. I won't be surprised if more players outside NSW comes to play. Players nowadays wants an immediate result. Just like Cricket from 5 day test -> limited overs -> twenty20.