Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Polgar Hubby Is Asked to Step Down

Some interesting movements within the USCF. The New York Times' Dylan Loeb McLain reports:

A majority on the executive board of the United States Chess Federation plans to formally ask a member to resign amid allegations that he had posted messages under other people’s names to Internet bulletin boards to get elected to the board.

The call by four of the board’s seven members for Paul Truong’s resignation came in the wake of a lawsuit filed last year by a former board member. The resignation request was made in a statement to be released on Tuesday, which was sent to The New York Times on Monday.

The suit by the former member, Samuel H. Sloan, claims that Mr. Truong and his wife, Susan Polgar, another board member, posted comments about candidates in the name of Mr. Sloan and others. Many of the comments were sexual in nature.

Read more in "Member of U.S. Chess Federation’s Board Is Asked to Resign in Dispute Over an Election". (NOTE: Registration is required on the NYT site).

DG over at Boylston CC is covering this and see also ChessUSA.

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Ryan said...

Doesn't it just make you want to scream? Why can't a chess governing body actually work for it's members and help promote the game effectively instead of bringing it into disrepute? Surely that's not too much to ask?