Sunday, January 13, 2008

Corus 2008 Begins

The first big one of 2008 began last night at 11.30PM Sydney time. It's, of course, the Corus event in Wijk aan Zee. Just one round so far and already we have some gorgeous games and results.

In the A group three games were decisive including Mamedyarov - Carlsen where white's capitulation may have come a wee bit too early. But who knows, maybe these super GM guys saw something? For an explanation we'll have to wait for Carlsen to do the honours. The wonderful site Chessvibes has promised a video interview.

The fighting mood extended to the B group where 4 out of seven games ended decisively. Etienne Bacrot is the second seed there and will hopefully have some interesting analyses of his games on his official blog. I should also urge our readers to tune into WFM Iva Videnova and Milena Stefanova on Chessdom's coverage. Our friend Goran sure knows how to pick 'em!

But how about the C group? It was especially a Christmas Day all over again for the black players. We can only hope that the bloodthirsty attitude will last throughout the tournament.

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