Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sydney gets $68K Chess Fund

If you saw the title and your heart suddenly skipped a beat with excitement, you can forget it. For that bit of news was from 20 years ago! The latest issue of Australian Chess magazine mentions of a little tidbit from the old Chess in Australia:

It was reported that the Chess Centre (Sydney) Building Fund had reached a total to date of $68,000.

I did not know that!

Just as interesting was another tidbit that 20 years ago, the ACF lost its Federal Government funding of about $30,000! Disaster.


Justin said...

Has anyone heard about the Turkey chess situation.
They have a budget of like 5 million euros, of which 10% is government funding.
They have 200, 000 members and hope to increase that to between 300 000 and 400 000 during the next five years mainly though school programs, as chess I think has become part of the school cirriculum.

How good would it be if chess became part of the school program here in Australia. what a boost for the sport!

Anonymous said...

With loses of $11k a annually, the NSWCA could blow the fund in half a dozen years.

Anonymous said...

Max,I think you will find most of the chess funding in Turkey comes from the government and not the private sector.

Justin said...

with the federal election in full swing my local member Joanna Gash has pledged $60 000 in funds for the local croquet club!!!

where is the government funding for chess!!!?

DeNovoMeme said...

Maxwell: where is the government funding for chess!!!?

DNM: What is the ACF doing. What has it done in the last 12 months?

Anonymous said...

hello ?! WE are the ACF (people who play chess)

what are WE doing about it.

stop behaving like a child and take contol of the situation - or at least offer creditable support.

DeNovoMeme said...

Actually, Anon, I HAVE written to the Fed Minister for sport and received a we-will-look-into-it reply.

ALSO, Anon, WE are not the ACF. Those unelected tossers are the people who run the ACF not me, not you, not us, THEM.

Anonymous said...

quote Denovomeme: "ALSO, Anon, WE are not the ACF. Those unelected tossers are the people who run the ACF not me, not you, not us, THEM.

I think "RUN" is the wrong term for a pedestrian action.

They get their position because of "OUR" inaction.
Unlike our elected politicians these people (and I know most of them - and admire their fortitude) - they get paid fairly for their efforts. SFA.

They do (however) have a go - and for that I thank them (plus the freindship they return)

I am sorry i am too lazy to resister as a user.


ps tnx for your comments

Anonymous said...

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