Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Parr: NSWCA is a secret society

If you're Peter Parr, hunting season is around about this time every year in New South Wales chess. As far as this Sydney chess personality is concerned, he's gunning for the heads of his old familiar foes: the entire lot of the NSWCA. As usual, though - he takes aim at his favourite, that man, the association head Mr Bill Gletsos.

In his most recent internet posting, Mr Parr sets about hoping to grab the agenda for the upcoming annual general meeting later this month. That post goes on, and on, and on. A mixture of reminiscing, political bitch slaps, and complaints about the usual. For this little blogger, it was hard to decide what part to quote. But I choose this bit.

I have become increasingly concerned in recent times of the policy of the secrecy that the NSWCA council has adopted under the regime of President Bill Gletsos. I know that Brian Jones has often expressed the view that the NSWCA should not be a secret society and I share the same view. It is of course the policy of the NSW Bridge Association and most organisations to advise their members(we do have rights)that minutes of their monthly council meetings appear on their web site. The Gletsos regime has confirmed in writing that all the minutes of the monthly NSWCA Council meetings are confidential and will remain confidential only to be seen by members of the council. Even at the AGM there is no report from the secretary - not one sentence. What are in these secret minutes that are so secret that no member must ever read or discuss them. Furthermore the regime has confirmed that no member has any right to be advised of the financial situation of the NSWCA before the AGM on 24th November 2007. It is in my opinion un-Australian that the Gletsos regime has made laws of their own - not made at any AGM and we live in fear of our financial situation.

So why exactly are those council minutes confidential? What are these politicians hiding? Our local and foreign readers can read the whole thing here in Australia's most popular chess bulletin board. You might like to take a few deep breaths and brew yourself a cuppa before you go and read that. (And by the way, I always recommend peppermint tea. It cleanses the system).


Anonymous said...

Richie Benaud: This is Richie Benaud here. Thankyou for joining us for the start of Day 3 of the first class match between the NSWCA and the Aussie Chess Stars team at the SCG.

Ian Chappell: Good to have you listeners on board. First ball of the day about to be delivered. I will pass over to Tony Greig to commentate.

Tony Greig: Bill Gletsos bowls to Peter Parr. Parr hits a 6, not just a 6, but a massive 6. This ball has gone not only for a 6, but out of the ground! The ball is in Moore Park!

Bill Lawry: Great shot that. Very indicative of the game. The Aussie Chess All Stars move onto 2-506 with Parr closing in on a double century on 198. This is in stark contrast to the NSWCA's measly innings of 102.

Anonymous said...

More "cricket" commentary......

Richie Benaud: I can't understand it. The NSWCA had Parr and Jason Lyons all signed up in late 2005, yet they let things slip and now Parr is playing a magnificent innings against the NSWCA when if they did things right he would have been playing for them.

Ian Chappell: Mate, the problem lies with the NSWCA captain Bill Gletsos. Just look at his figures here, 0-200. Absolutely pathetic. He should not only be sacked as captain, he should be sacked from the team.

Tony Greig: Yeah, your right there, Ian. Not only are his bowling figures of 0-200 pathetic, but I am reliably informed that he was mainly responsible for refusing Lyons and Parr to join the NSWCA team. A big loss for the NSWCA.

Bill Lawry: Gletsos must go. Not only has his captaincy reign been a disaster, but his form is pathetic. Just look at these figures in this match, 0-200, and Parr is belting him all over the park. He focuses too much on petty feuds with opposing team players such as Matthew Sweeney when he should be showing leadership for his NSWCA team instead.

Anonymous said...

I've seen most of this before (and still sit on the fence)

I do agree that the NSWCA membership should be NO MORE than $10.00. (There is NO value from NSWCA other than recording names and scores)

That said, I also agree that no chess game should should be accepted for ratings without this payment. (so exclude the whole tournament - who cares - except those playing - I think that will fix the issue)

These are very simple things to implement at the AGM.

(and I admit that I am not currently a member and not entitled to vote etc etc - but I put the same $25 each year into another organisation where I get a tax deduction)

As for the loss of money - when the NSWCA made a + return for (nearly) every tournament there was equal criticism as to WHY all the players money wasn't returned to the players. (a no win situation with the same people)


Anonymous said...

LOL at the cricket commentary. Yet it is very close to the truth. A sad indictment on the state of chess in NSW.

Anonymous said...

Richie Benaud: Welcome back to viewers after the lengthy commercial break. It is now 5.50pm on day 3 and in case you have just tuned in and wondering why there is no play it is because the match has just finished 5 minutes ago. The NSWCA capitulated in their second innings to be all out for 38. The Aussie Chess All Stars have won in just under 3 days by a massive innings and 502 runs. NSWCA 102 and 38 against Aussie Chess All Stars 3-642 declared.

Ian Chappell: The man of the match was Peter Parr with his magnificent unbeaten 301 not out. He belted the NSWCA bowling attack to all parts of the ground. He was particularly severe on the bowling of NSWCA captain Bill Gletsos who returned the disgraceful figures of 0-257.

Tony Greig: Absolutely disgraceful performance from the NSWCA. I thought their 2006 side was bad, but this 2007 side is an all time shocker. The NSWCA need to make major changes to their playing roster. A new captain is needed. Some of their players who were good a few years ago have had at least one season too many. Other NSWCA players are incompetent.

Bill Lawry: Well, it just so happens that the Annual General Meeting of NSWCA shareholders is coming up soon, on November 24. For the sake of the NSWCA we can only hope that the NSWCA shareholders will attend this meeting en masse and make the neccessary hard decisions to get the NSWCA back on track.

Anonymous said...

I hope Richie Benaud, Ian Chappell, Tony Greig and Bill Lawry all turn up and vote!

Rick said...

Dear anonymous cricket commentator,
Please feel free to come out of the shadows and put you hand up for NSWCA Council position. This "incompetent" council member will vote for you, I promise. I'll even step aside so you can have my position and show me how it's done.
Rick Keuning
NSWCA (incompetent) Web Master.

Anonymous said...

Well I dont know if the NSWCA is incompetent,but when you lose over 11,000 dollars you can definately be called extravagant.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can have a bad year.

DeNovoMeme said...

"AnyONE can have a bad YEAR."

Cut it out. It isn't just "one," it is a council of 8 people. who took NSW backwards by $17k from where it ought to be.

Furthermore, it is not unit year, it is more accurately described as 12 consecutive months, each containing another phkup, accumulating into a train wreck.

If the NSWCA was trying something new - a 1 year plan - and it failed, I would be less concerned. Plans can fail. However, there was no plan, there never has been a plan and THAT is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the total figure of NSWCA losses for the past 2 years is close to $15,000, and for the first time in memory the NSWCA has had 2 consecutive years of losses. There are some signs that the NSWCA will again lose money in this financial year. Who the hell in NSW is willing to hold their squandering president to account?