Sunday, October 14, 2007

NCFP Website Disappears

For the last couple of days I've not been able to view neither the NCFP official site nor their forum pages. The body's domain name,, is currently pointing to an unrelated page. See below.

Checking the WHOIS database tells us that at least the domain still belongs to the NCFP. The registrant's postal address is located in the House of Reps in Quezon City.

Let's hope that these guys can get themselves back online soon. This situation is really not a good look.


Anonymous said...

that is one good looking chess player :) at least ncfp made one good move for a change.

Anonymous said...

How about this idea.

Suppose I buy the domain name and ask Bobby Ang or Manny Benitez to take charge.

The NCFP can have the site back free of charge with a few simple changes:

1. Take all political photos and propaganda off the front page.

2. Feature space on the front page for Bobby Ang's weekly column, Manny Benitez's newsletter.

3. Links to TCG, Rooty Hill, Chessgames & other RP chess friendly sites.

4. Regularly feature columns or ideas from RP masters like Bong Villamayor.

5. Feature a schedule of both local tournaments & international ones.

What do you thinks?

Anonymous said...

To the NCFP:

Is the blonde woman in your website, the next imported women's
grandmaster for the Philippines?

This is worse than the fil-am's import for men's and women's basketball, tennis and swimming,
at least those athetes have filipino blood even if some are cheating they still look like 50% filipinos.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a winner rich man :} go for it!

take out all the streamers of the ugly old faces of the old politicos.

for goodness sakes put some pretty faces there too, like what is her name arianne caoilili?

Anonymous said...

Actually was not hacked. As I knew from WHOIS, the registration of the domain expired last 12th of Oct. It is a common practice by the registrar to redirect the home page of the expired domain and place the domain name into redemption status. Unfortunately, redemption fee cost more than re-newing the domain....As of now, NCFP successfully re-newed the domain, ...but, I think this time they have a problem in restoring back the site and the pretty faces of the NCFP officials.
Robert Ambalong (sydney)