Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anand in Time Magazine

From Time magazine: India's Great Chess Hope.

Chess has become a younger man's game over the past couple of decades. The average age in tournaments used to be in the mid-30s but now "with computers and the nature of the game itself, the average age is probably down in the early 20s," says Anand, who at 37 predicts he'll play competitively only for another eight years or so. "I've always managed to stay motivated and I work hard at it," says the champion, who divides his time between India and a small village outside Madrid. Just as with other top Indian sportsmen, Anand's endorsement is sought after by marketers, who use his image to advertise cookies and a malted hot drink. He is also a "brand ambassador" for NIIT, a corporate training company that has taken chess into more than 5,000 schools across India. "I'm very optimistic about the next generation of Indian players," he says. "You're already seeing that in women's chess, where some of the highest rated women in the world are Indian."


Justin said...

It that article Anand is quoted as saying "There is the odd country where there's some lingering doubt whether chess is art or sport. Quite clearly it is a sport."

Australia is one of those 'odd' backward countries that still refuses to recognise chess as a sport or even as a mind sport.

This has to change!!

Ryan said...

Even the UK now recognizes chess as a sport. We are usually the last at this sort of thing... :)