Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anand Accused of Being No Talent

India's Vishy Anand seems to be giving a lot of interviews recently. Here he talks to Manisha Mohite. The current FIDE world number one (2792) says:

Since I was the youngest player, at times I found it difficult to fit in with the older generation. One player went to my father and told him that I didn't have any talent and my playing fast wouldn't take me anywhere. At that time, I remember we were all quite angry, but now when I think of it, I can smile it off.

Anand, of course, spent some of his early years in RP where his father worked as a railway consultant there. While in the Philippines the young future super-GM was apparently quite fond of a TV program called "Chess Today" and even won prizes for solving the show's puzzles. Trivia: who was the host of "Chess Today" and during which years?


Anonymous said...

I think its Senor Florencio in early 80's.


Anonymous said...

It was Atty Sammy Estimo and sometimes alternating with him was NM Glen Bordonada. Chess Today was shown on the Government station PTV-4. Am I correct Amiel?