Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ian Rogers Video Interview

Our friend Goran is involved with a new chess site, In one of the first emails I received about them, they described their aims thus:

It will have extensive coverage of chess events. But we do not only want to concentrate on big events. We find that the future development of chess starts in smaller and medium rank tournaments.

We also believe we have to make coverage about such events on every continent. Right now the web is full of reports about championships in Russia, Europe and the USA. But few people talk about tournaments in Australia, South America, Africa, and Asia. Our goal is to equaly present each tournament that deserves attention.

There's plenty of content on the site already. Right now the major news is Mtel. It is there that our friend Goran managed to stop GM Ian Rogers for a short video interview. Good one. Check it out here. I just love Ian's life, hopping here and there, just seemingly no worries but chess.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the ACF thinks of your blog I cannot argue against the fact that GM Ian Rogers is the best ambassador for chess this country has ever had.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great. It gives up to date information on everything happening in chess in Australia.

keep the good work up!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at the top. Remember what happened when PaulB passed the batton on. He ran the ACF web site and the ACF newsletter. When he left the whole thing died and we were all the worse for it. If this blog went, we would all miss it too. The best thing about it is that those awful moderators on Chess Chat are not here thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Rogers is the greatest chess ambassador for Australia?

Well considering that he is the only player who is close to playing full time professional chess that would make him the ONLY chess ambassador we have.

Maybe one day Australia will have 2 or more full time players,lets hope so.

The blindman said...

You should have a look at Aleks Wohl's playing record sometime. He plays as much international chess as Rogers, and certainly more than any other player..

Anonymous said...

I like Aleks Wohl,had dinner with him many moons ago at an australian championship.

And yes he is fairly active,but due to his strong financial position I consider him more of a "retiree"...than a tournament player who plays to earn a living. lol.