Wednesday, August 16, 2006

China, Russia on Level Terms

I have not seen any coverage of this event by the regular chess sources. All info I find are via the People's Daily. After 4 rounds, both nations are on par at 20 points each. If not for their women's team, the Chinese would be way behind.

Xie Jun was quoted as saying, "If the Chinese men don't lose too many games in later rounds and let the Russians run too far away, the Chinese team will very likely win the competition".


Milan Lee said...

Looks like Russian girls crushed (буквально разгромлены) Chinese 4-1 in last round. Russia won 26.5-23.5

Annotated games
Russian language but english notation

Malejewicz said...

I am of Russian background but I sincerely wish and believe that the Chinese team will be victorious in this competition. I believe Asian chess players are way underated.

Anonymous said...

Why do you use a polish spelling of your name then Alex? lol

Malejewicz said...

Because it is my name. Your name is 'Anonymous' originally of Greek derivation. I like Greeks, good soccer players. Won the European Cup!
Bravo Greece!

Anonymous said...

So you are a russian with a polish name? lol