Sunday, August 25, 2013

Polgar's Short Shrift To Short

This ongoing Chess World Cup in Norway has got me up til late and up early in the morning to check on results. And that has been thanks mostly to the wonderful video coverage hosted, at first, by the duo of GM Susan Polgar and IM Laurence Trent. Their fun and relaxed commentary made the games quite accessible. Sadly, Polgar and Trent have now been replaced by New In Chess editor Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam as well as GM Nigel Short.

I have to say, this switch in commentary pairings has really dampened the experience a bit. The latter pair are just not as good. Dirk Jan doesn't know enough chess and GM Short is too dry. Like many spectators on Twitter I'd demand a return to Polgar and Trent, but I hear the latter is en route to Bulgaria to play in an event there.

It is possible that the change in commentators was all pre-planned, but I wonder if Polgar is at least trying to grab her old seat back. Last night, she (or someone behind her official Twitter account) blurted out these tweets (recent to oldest).

I can only imagine what it must be like at the venue right now between Polgar and Short. If she does get her seat back in the commentary room, I say pair her with the just eliminated Korobov. Those two would make for an interesting duo of commentators.

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Dan Schmidt said...

I understand that the change in commentator teams halfway through was planned from the start.

I agree that having two strong players commentating is immeasurably better than one.