Thursday, December 03, 2009

Heading Back to Tokyo

Well it's just been announced at work, so I suppose I can now also say it here.

As a matter of fact, the reason for my recent trip to Tokyo was to recce the place. To orientate myself with the city, to find apartments and meet my new colleagues. Yes, that's right: I'm moving to Tokyo for work.

In January I'll be packing my bags, head off to the Japanese capital and begin a 3-year stint as an expat. Thus, very sadly, I'll be MIA from the upcoming Australian Championships as well as from the couple of biggies that I normally attend - SIO and Doeberl.

What does all this mean for the TCG blog, you ask. Very little, except for the fact that I'll be doing my blogging from Tokyo. After all I do most of this now 'remotely'.

As soon as I arrive in Tokyo, probably one of the first things I'll do is to find out where the local chessers hang out. If none exists, well, I'll just have to set one up! Also, I plan to meet up with a certain Miyoko Watai - Fischer's wife. I understand that she's the head of the Japan Chess Association. That should be an interesting meet-up.

So, it's not goodbye yet. But that's my big news for the day.


Phil Bourke said...

That is big news. Will miss seeing you about the place. Hope it all works out for you in Tokyo and that we may again see you at Doeberl, SIO and other familiar places further down the track.

Denis Jessop said...

That's great news for you but I'll miss seeing you at events like the Doeberl Cup and the Aus Champs and I'm sure lots of other people will too. I hope you have an enjoyable and successful time in Tokyo. Post some top photos for us!

Denis J

Anonymous said...

I am glad you will be paid even a more obscene amount and move from providing insights on chess to that of Japan!

FischerFan said...

an interview with Miyoko Watai would be a real scoop.

Fischer's wife Miyoko Watai probably has a great deal of Fischer's Chess archives and scores of many privately played games !

Anonymous said...

What job is this? I'm extremely jealous...