Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kasparov: Chess in a Tragic State

Macauley has an interesting interview with Kasparov post the K-K Match in Valencia. Here's a bit I managed to transcribe of Kasparov speaking.

At the end of the day I think the match is a success, not only for me personally but mainly for the game of chess.

Chess is really in a tragic state now because while 25 years ago, even 15 years ago we saw chess being played in the big cities and still being followed by the mainstream press, now it's quite an obscure game. And it's a fault primarily of FIDE and also of the leading players who did nothing to promote the interest of chess.

Listen to the audio recording here on the Chess.FM site.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. A brick wall has more personality than Kramnik and Anand. Also with computers becoming so strong and with the internet we have access to many high quality games without waiting every three years for a KK match. It is a sad reality - just look at the the NSW Championships starting today and there are only 4 players registered to play in the main event. I dont think it is anyone's fault. Chess just doesnt grab the public interest anymore. 40 years ago the game was still rich and it was a worthwhile pursiut to unravel the mysterious of the game. Nowadays the mystery and culture have disappeared forever i think. As hard as it is to believe the ravages of time have claimed this once beloved game we call chess.

Anonymous said...

Also it doesnt help matters when moron members of the chess community have access to places like this blog and other associated blogs and bulletin boards to make posts that harm the reputation of the game. These people also infiltrate themselves in a positions of power. The chess community is very small so one person can have a huge impact on the game. In other sports such rugby league or cricket a person making a tool of the themselves usually gets banned from events for a long period and there name becomes mud in the sport. In the chess community howeve this person would be offered a position of power on the council.