Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chess Tribute for Ledger

More than a year after his sudden death, a 3-piece sculpture has been installed on Perth's Swan River in honour of Aussie actor Heath Ledger. Fittingly, two of the pieces are chess boards, obviously a reflection of Ledger's fondness for the game, while the third piece features a yin and yang design. The scuptures were the work of Perth artist Ron Gomboc. There's a photo of him and his works here, courtesy of The West Australian.

Meanwhile, The Australian paper quotes Ledger's mother, Sally Bell, as saying: "As for the chess theme, not many people know that Heath was passionate about chess and was close to becoming a Grand Master."


Anonymous said...

Heath Ledger was close to becoming a GM?

I wonder what their defenition of "grandmaster" is...

Anonymous said...

who cares

would probably good for chess if it became widely *known* that Ledger was a GM.


Anonymous said...

Supposely he use to play in Junior Chess Competitions. I wonder if any of his games are around ?

Also he was involved in a project bring the great book "The Queen's Gambit" to the big screen. Which sadly fell over with his untimely death.

Clearly a keen chessplayer if not near Grandmaster level.