Thursday, May 22, 2008

Four Players Lead in Subic

The inaugural Subic International Open in the Philippines is heading for an exciting finish tomorrow as four players will fight it out for top honours. Ukraine's GM Kuzobov and RP's Wesley So, Jayson Gonzales and the 2201-rated local man Rolando Andador are all leading with 6 points each.

Appropriately enough So will slug it out against the Ukrainian visitor on board 1, while Gonzales and Andador will face each other on board 2.

Andador's run has been amazing. En route to his last round assignment he managed to beat a string of IMs and in round 8, played today, he came off better against Indonesian grandmaster Susanto Megaranto. I've sent a note to a contact in RP for some background filler on Andador. Hopefully we'll get something soon.

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